Sunday, March 13, 2011

In search............

Without giving ways to further speculations i would straight away tell you what am in search of these days.  Its my "ME TIME"..........
For the people who can't get the essence of what this term is, it is the time that you spend with just yourself, no one else around,with you. Might sound weird to many,but for me its a necessary part of life. I luv being with myself, obviously not always, but yes some time is important for being in peace with myself. And what do i do in this "ME TIME", anything or just nothing, i sing, i dance to songs, i take showers for hours, i read books, i dress up, i cook i do anything that i feel like doing.

Since few weeks i am in dearth of this time of mine. Due to heavy work load in office, sudden plans with friends or some pending work that i had to complete in weekends, i am just not able to do the activities in which i accompany myself. And that is making me cranky, irritating. I just somehow feel to get my "ME TIME" back.

I always suggest that everyone should spend some time with himself/herself,it unknowingly helps in your growth, in knowing oneself better, in understanding ur capabilities, ur shortcomings, in short getting close to urself.

 Hope to get my beloved "ME TIME" back soon.........and till that time, sincere request to all people around me, please bear with me.

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