Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Shopping sprees..........

Like any other normal girl, i also love to do shopping, the favorite pastime of 99.999% girls existing on this planet (dont know about other planets having life, but i doubt if there are any,i guess there also the females can't be devoid of this basic underlying characteristic of the gal gang). But for some time now i have been observing my shopping trend, and it just boils down to one thing "Absurd".And there are reasons for this conclusion:

  • Unlike other girls i can't do shopping anytime and every time. I have random moods for it. I remember even when i was a kid , i never thought it to be essential to shop for festivals, i used to buy clothes randomly,when i felt like, without any festival and occasion nearby( And my mum getting crazy seeing her daughter dressed in her usual clothes even on festivals)

  • I never go into details of the stuff i buy. I have seen people checking the thing 100 times here and there, upside down before they buy,but for me the decision is instant.Something catches my eye,and i buy it.Although i would never suggest anyone to do that,coz u can end up taking a defected piece, needless to say i have suffered that many a times.

  • I have a habit of taking snack breaks in between the shopping sprees, it could be a fruit salad, or some chaat or chips, in a nutshell any chatar patar fits the bill.
I am sure there would be others also , out there with stranger habits of shopping than mine.But sometimes i do feel like taking tuitions from some of my expert friends, hope they help me with my insane habits....

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