Thursday, August 25, 2011

Its Different !!!!!

The kind of moody personality that i am, it should come as a no surprise that yes  i am in a weird mood yet again.In my last to last post i mentioned that i had blog fodder which could last for next 6 months, and i actually meant it!! Weird part is even after having that i was not posting anything new here. I was planning to write a post from last 2 weeks -but just couldn't pen down anything... I pondered ,decided to think on as to why am i not able to write??? And i realized that i had just tooooooo many things occupying my mind space at the moment. There's a lot of clutter in and around me.

But i have decided not to put any efforts in organizing my life, coz sometimes a little randomness in essential to give you the much needed energy & momentum (Aiing !!! :energy??? momentum??? see i told you  "my mental state", god knows why i suddenly drifted back to my 11th class physics lecture !!!)So i am just going to chill, sit back and enjoy my "randomness", after all this is one of the best phases of my life.

BTW i wanted to write the next post about something very common  yet interesting "LOVE" !!! coz recently one of my friend asked why i have never written anything on it. Ohhkkkk ,although i am an amateur in the subject, still i would try and scribble something.
PS: Didn't realise , but i have ended up writing a post on "why am i not able to write a post", quite funny !!!isn't it???

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