Thursday, November 10, 2011

Address changed !!!

Hey guys !!!! This blog has been moved to a new address, i.e Sorry for the trouble, See you all at the new place ...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Need You....

 As said in the last post, i tried scribbling about "Lovveeee " and this is all i could come up with...

"All is going so wrong,
evrerything seeming so blue,
I know that's the moment,
I desperately need you...

Evrything around me is just so erratic,
I dnt seem to get a clue,
Mind wants to stop thinking,
And i just need you....

The world appears to ve turn a back on me,
Each feeling is illegible and new,
I am all surrounded by unknown,
And i hurriedly search for you....

With nowhere to go,
And nothing else to do,
The only truth is,
I want you and only you............!!!!!!

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