Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chaipatty-The Teafe!!!!!!!!

Most of my readers till now would have either got used to ,or got total irritated by  my week on week verdicts on movies, people,places etc etc, but guys let me tell you a secret, right from my chilhood i had these (bad??? ) habit of giving opinions on almost everything on the face of this earth. I always felt i had the right to judge things and then also go on telllin people about how i felt for a particular thing. 
Okkk so next in line is "Chai-patty" , its a Teafe, and for the confused lot,let me tell ,the way we have "cafe" ,usual coffee outlets ,this one is a tea cafe!!!!  Situated at 100ft road ,Indiranagar,this is one of the coolest place i have come across in Bangalore. So nw into details,whts cool about a place that serves tea???

(I will try something different,will list some pointers!!!The bullet pointers art learnt through some fellow bloggers.....)

  • The most important one, the tea is an awesome masala chai served in kulhads.5stars for the taste.
  • The interiors are very creatively done and gives a serene and earthy touch to the whole place.
  • Small detailing done using beautiful accessories is worth appreciating.
  • The owner is a very humble and nice person, and also the other staff is very congenial.
  • The other stuff on menu like the pakodas, maggi etc are also very yum!!!
  • They have a collection of books kept there,which u can pick and read while sitting there.  (here they scored the maximum from my side)
So all in all, a very nice place for all those people chai lovers (they do serve coffee as well) who are bored of having coffee and sandwiches at CCDs and Baristas, they are creative ,indian, and coooooooolllll.


  1. you are exploring the banglore and its nice to see a tea shop ya i would say chai ki gumati
    is jagah to jarur chai peena chahta hun main
    nice post

  2. The place surely looks nice, and am a BIG tea fan :)

    Would surely give it a try on my next Blroe visit...

  3. @ Chirag: come down to bangalore, and give it a try!!!

  4. @ Sid: Definitely the place is worth a try.And once you have tried, don't forget to tell me how did you find the place.

  5. Thanks dear for the blog post & the appreciation. Would love to have you over at Chaipatty soon again.

  6. really liked it <3 When in delhi ??

  7. Hey Jyoti ... Welcome to the blog. But this blog is my old one, i now write at . Do check out the blog.. and leave a link for yours too. :)


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