Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bengaluru blues.........

BENGALURU or BANGALORE as it is known popularly. holds and will continue to hold a special place in my heart. There are several different reasons for it, and owing to the growing popularity of "bullet point  style" of writing blogs i am also going to ride the band wagon and list down the reasons below

1. My source of daal roti: Its the place where i started my career from. The flavour of corporate, the taste of professionalism, the spice of work stress, bangalore gave me a hint of all of these.I learnt , learnt the hard way, but there is no denying the fact that those 11 months are a big reason of where i stand today.

2. Cane crush: That was the name of a cane juice chain in bangalore, the one i miss the most was definitely domlur one. It had fresh , nice cane juice (which was der in all other shops as well), along with a world best pani puri stall and superb american corn stall, right next to it. So a routine trip would result into panipuri then corn and finally the cane juice, HEAVEN !!!!

3. Green is in: I have never been to a city as green as bangalore. Being a major city of the country, its amazing how banaglore still manages to have all those trees and greenery in and around it, which in turn ensures the fantabulous weather that bangalore boasts of.

4. The freaked species , i call friends: Above everything else, this is the place i got some of my "friends for lifetime". I laughed , i cried, i complained, i abused, i craziest of the crazy things with them, and they were the reason that i survived in a city where i ddin't even knew a bird when i first came.It was because of them that leaving bangalore became a difficult and painful thought. I miss them, miss them all like crazy, those unplanned outings with dips, those like minded thought sharing with anu, buttermilk trips with appu, giggling with N & N, leg pulling sessions with richie rich,  gyan bato meetings with manu and the list goes on and on.

I still remember the day i landed in bangalore, hating it from the first sight itself. I often told people, i could never fall in love with that place, but i definitely learnt to manage there, and that too comfortably. But now when i look back and think, i kind of miss that place. Hope to make a trip to bangalore soon, a trip down the memory lane.....

Monday, July 25, 2011


On my blog after a hiatus of 2 months....., feels like coming back home!!! So for all those who thought my blogging fever is over, guys not that easily. Infact i now have so much material accumulated , i can go on writing over next 6 months on the topics.

Starting of it has to be with a reason of me being off the blog for such long time.Ok so these last 2 months my life has taken me for a ride, lots of unseen twists and turns, unexpected events and sudden happenings.I changed my job, came into a govt PSU,left bangalore, ws raoming around in different city like a refugee as a part of my training, now came to ahmedabad.... and in between obviously several other things happened, now i guess u people will get a fare idea of my absenteeism.

I sometime feel that god keeps a close watch of my life, and as soon as he gets a feeling that my life is becoming predictable and mundane , he like ekta kapoor, introduces new angels in the story to make it interesting. And not to mention i enjoy it like anything, its adventurous , fun ,and amazingly beautiful.They correctly say, " when god does not grant your wish, probably he has something better in store for u". So with this nice thought i would better end this post, but yes as i said, enough stories and experiences in the pipeline to be shared, till then happy reading and keep visiting this space for more......

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