Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dirty talks !!!!

For all those who are shocked, curious or uneasy about the title of the post, lemme put all your thoughts to rest, its not at all about what all you naughty minds are thinking about. It is actually one of my usual weekend stuff.A habit i wanted to share with some friends who are not aware of it, and also wanted to know how many of them would give a nod saying "me too"....
                              The strong holded secret to be revealed is that i am a lazy bun ,and that too to the core. Monday to Friday i am still fine, i mean bearable, but on weekends, i am at my best, best of lazing around!!!!
 So on weekends my room actually shows off almost all the stuff that my wardrobe somehow holds back.i don't pick up single thing that has fallen on the floor.Our bai has to search for space and decide where & how exactly can she broom the place.
                              This is so coz i feel weekends are meant to be relaxed and absolutely no work days, and by no work i mean no work at all.So this turns into a stark reality and transforms my surroundings into picture perfect MESS on lamost all of the weekends!!!

 I am even giving u a chance to sneak peek into my weekend room , as a testimony to this post (I know no one is going to get married to me after looking at this...)

God damn this young generation !!!!

This time while travelling in the volvo from airport to the city i witnessed an incidence, i am not sure if that would be a right word to use, coz it was actually just few people in conversation !!!! So what was so special about them was the amazingly opposite pairs involved in talks with each other.There was this Sr, software engg (approx 30 yrs )from an MNC all dapper in a suave business suit, tuned to the talks of a 65-70 yrs old ex army men now a faculty in some college in punjab. It was so engaging to see both of them talk. The army uncle proudly showing off his collection of coins , talking about almost each one in there elaborately. But not even once did i see the younger one wandering anywhere else other than the conversation,he was giving full nods, adding stuff , they really seemed to be enjoying each others company.

                           Now coming to the second set of conversationalists, A lady  in her 60s , was in talks with  a young lad of around 23-24 yrs of age. This lady had just finished her first air travel and was all gusto about it. She was narrating her whole experience to the guy and he was listening to it with full attention and patience.

The fact that i witnessed both this conversations at same time, same place made me really cheerful about the value system of this so called Gen Y. It made me hope that there might be many more like these happening quite often at different places at different times.I was glad to witness and notice something like this, so that if anyone next time comes to me complaining ,"God damn this young generation, no respect for elders" i atleast have two examples to give from the side of my generation.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mumbai masti !!!!

I don't understand why ,but i always had a certain kind of fascination for the city of dreams "Mumbai". I always knew that this was one place on earth i would love to live in. There is a mystic appeal to the city and i have been longing to be in that city, and i got the chance few days back to stay there for a while, and needless to say, i luved it !!!!
The constantly moving crowd, the beautiful nights which were as shining as the morning sun,the gen Y with loads of dream and attitude, and of course the unrelenting spirit of the city.
I had been to this city few times earlier also, but didn't actually get the chance to explore it, so this time i thought i would do not leave mumbai without getting the actual feel of being here, and as they say there can not be any better way to explore mumbai other than taking  rides of the lifeline of the city "the local trains".
                              And as an insane, mad , person that i am , i decided to take one ride from CST to chembur on my own. I know most of you would say, "whts the big deal??" but those who know my direction sense, know that i was able to remember way to my new pg at bengaluru in 10 days !!!! so u can imagine, it was as difficult for me as climbing the mount everest for hillary...  not calling any of my friends who were actually waiting for me to tell them to take me back to chembur, the great me , i decided to board the train on my own ( coz i thot if i end up at a place i cant figure out, i will call them up for rescue), to my own surprise i actually ended up in chembur single piece. Its a different case though that i harassed alomost 1000 ppl confirming that i was boarding a right train and all 40 min i was standing coz i didnt knew which side the platform would come. lolz.

An experience i will cherish all my life.

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