Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yes it was republic day!!!!!

Ya Ya!!! I know its a lil late to write a post on republic day.Actually looking and reading so many of blogger friends dedicating the posts to "Republic day",i also was tempted to do the "in thing", but  was not sure of what to write,coz i didn't want to repeat what was being written and talked about everywhere (India is great coz blah blah blah!!!!! .And i am glad that i  waited,now i have an anecdote to tell it to all of you,which made my republic day worthwhile  (A true story guys, be ready!! Tan tanaaa!!!!)

 Republic day this time was no more special than one more off from daily work related stress, e mails, calls and ofcourse "BOSS" (He he he!!! God she will kill me if she reads this ), but anyways ,so we had some plans of going out for shopping (just cudnt resist the flat 40% /50% tags on  almost all the showrooms,Girlie thing na???? lol) we entered a place, shopped for our stuff,i came to the counter,paid the bill through my card,took the bill,the stuff and left the place, guessed it r8, without collecting my card!!!! Oooops.
                         We then came out went to few more shops nearby,were roaming here and there ,when i suddenly saw the watchman coming towards us. He told me that i had forgot my scarf in the showroom, i was puzzled to hear that,coz i was not carrying any scarf,but he somehow managed to convince us in coming back to the shop. We went there,and the cash counter person smiled seeing me,and handed me over my "CARD". I was too much shocked on my stupidity and awed by the gesture of that watchman (I was not able to get his accent ,he was not saying "scarf" but "card". Dumbo me!!!! ) and that of cash counter person. I couldn't say anything but a "thank you" and left the place.

 The entire day after that i was thinking about the incident and it made me believe in one thing ,that no matter how much corruption, crime engulf the country ,we still come across people who are genuine ,honest  and above all "everyday heroes",and India is great because of these kind of Indians.

 Salute to all Every day Heroes of India.!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mumbai Diaries - DHOBI GHAT

I am back (U must be thinkin ,"Itna jaldi?????" , but sorry guys,cud nt wait till d weekend for this one ;) ). This is yet another of my personal take on one of my latest movie picks"Dhobi Ghat" as the movie is popularly known as, but i like to refer to it  as MUMBAI DIARIES!!!!, i think this better reflects the mood and content of the movie.  Hmmmmm....... so you waiting for the verdict, before giving that, let me make a statutory warning message display. "This post is not meant for anyone who is not a sincere and dedicated lover of movies, and watch them just for fun sake "  .

 So as far as my review for the movie goes, I DIDN'T LIKE THE MOVIE.!!!!!!
 but actually , LOVED IT!!!!!! After a long gap of, i suppose years, i have come across a brilliant and intelligent piece of work, full of creativity.

The movie revolves around 4 main characters  - Munna (Prateek Babbar), Arun (Aamir), Yasmeen (kriti Malhotra) and Shay (Monica Dogra).In contradiction to your expectations, its nt Aamir who catches your attention , but actually the other 3, their performance is way above that of Aamir's.Prateik surely tells it loud that he inherits the acting genes from none other than the great Smita Patil (I adore her , never came across anyone as natural as her :) ). But as it was written in the review given in TOI, apart from the 4 characters, the most astonishing work is done by the 5th artist, The Camera!!!, it has captured the real face of mumbai, feel of the lively and effervescent city in its exact sense. 

Kiran Rao as a debutant is impressive, has dealt with the nuances of the story very maturely and has shown that she is an artist to watch out for.The blend of the four stories, great dialogues and brilliant performances make the movie a treat for the art lovers.!!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

karnataka bandh= Ricey day

"Ricey" thats a new term coined by my roomie, and that actually means the day when you don't eat rotis and survive on just rice as your staple grain in the diet. Yes and this so called "Ricey day" came into our life as well.sigh!!!!(with due respect to all those who love rice,but its coz i am from a place where rotis are the only thing you can actually think about when you think of lunch or dinner!!!!). So now the main story,as to Why?? when??? where??how???.

 It all started on the morning of Saturday,as usual me and dips got up lazily around 10 in the morning, and planned out our breakfast and that was a full fledged british thingy (scrambled eggs,toast, juice,bowl of fresh friuts!! Yum!!!) at "Bites and eats". Happily we started from the PG towards the place, noticing that the ATMs ,shops were closed ,roads looked deserted ,still engrossed in our talks reached the place only to be informed that it was a "Karnataka bandh" that day. :(

 Dissapointed we came back and had to settle for the rice made in our PG mess. Again in the evening , we were searching for some places to go out for dinner, and ended up at "Nagarjuna", an eatery famous for its Andhra food, so as quite expected it was  a rice dominated meal, but,but but,must say, it was delicious. The garama-garam rice , oodles of ghee on top, the dal palak, raita,papad and the fantabulous chutney to go with that, provided a sumptuous and satisfying meal (It deserves a special mention as a different post,solely dedicated to andhra meal).
 Both of us were surprised seeing our own capacity to eat rice, and were happy that we are slowly but steadily getting acquainted with the customs and habits of place where we are living.

So ultimately the day ended with full on dependence on rice, and a hope that probably i would have gained  atleast some weight in the process.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Surprise Surprise Surprise!!!!!!!

A usual day got over for me, and i was returning back from office along with my roomie, and suddenly when we entered our lane we saw it was lit up by hundreds of small & beautiful light lamps,the street was decorated using various kinds of flowers ,garlands and what not.
But we were actually clueless for what could be the reason for such splendid and beautiful decoration, ammmhhhhhh!!!! Is it some festival being celebrated in bangalore that we are not aware of , or is there some wedding taking place nearby and various such other "could be" reasons. But all efforts in vain ,coz  we were not able to make out the secret behind all the pompous celebration.
So later around 9:30 or 10 we again went to take a look of outside environment, and tired of guessing and embarrassed to ask anyone we were about to return,when suddenly we met our chai wale bhaiya (btw he has a very cute and sweet daughter called "madhu", i know its nowhere connected to the post, but still i find her damn adorable so thot ll mention it!!! :) ), so we finally had someone we were not embarassed to ask ,so we popped the question-Whts the occasion bhaiya????

And here comes the answer that ws goin to end our suspense , and he said-"Madam. its the b'day of an MLA"
Both of us were like "Wht d f***??????/ ofcourse could not express it, we just looked at each other, gave a "no comments" expression and walked out from there.

Just one thought came to my mind ,i guess i still have not got fully indianised, i still don't count some so so important festivals celebrated in India -the b'days of our very own politicians!!! sigh!!!

BTW before i end this post i forgot one thing ,to wish the MLA -"Happy B'day Sir"

and thanks fr wasting our resources on celebration of such occasions,making us realize what useful purpose our taxes are serving!!!!!Kudos to you and all those similar to you.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

No one killed JESSICA !!!!!

After a long gap of almost 2-3 weeks , i finally managed to watch a movie today, a movie i had been desperately waiting for- "No one killed Jessica". The reason being simple that the incident aroused much interest and reactions at that time, and i had almost followed the entire thing being covered in the news channels. So the time i came to know that a movie was being made , i got interested in it. And also the promos along with the fact that it was being directed by Raj Kumar Gupta ("Aamir" fame) strengthened my notion about the movie.

 And not to say the movie did not disappoint me. One major reason was a crisp storyline, backed by power packed performances of Vidya & Rani. I can definitely term it as a comeback for Rani, after a long wait finally we had a good looking Rani, with oodles of acting talent at display, and was well complimented by Vidya, portraying the sometimes helpless, sometimes fearless, "sabrina".

                             No where the movie loses the grip. Although most of the facts and story is well known by all, still the movie manages to hold your attention and interest till the end.The music score by Amit Trivedi ("Dev D" fame) also blended well with the feel of the movie, "Dilli Dilli" and "Aai re" being the major attractions.
 I will definitely recommend the movie , for all those who are looking for a meaningful and sensible flick. Guys this one is worth a watch for sure!!!!

PS: I also liked it for the typical Hindi gaalis that rani has used in the movie!!!  ;)

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