Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

This would probably be my last post for the year 2010, so after making the wish list, next logical thing would have been making "RESOLUTIONS" for 2011.But to be honest, i have stopped making this new year resolutions, for the obvious reason that i am pathetic at keeping up with them.  For the 15 th day itself i break most of them and in a month or so they vanish completely from my memory (I got inspired from gajini way b4 it was even released!!!! The short term memory loss u c !!)
                 So i finally decided some years earlier, no more waste of time making and breaking these resolutions for me (Sigh!!!! What a relief). But it didn't stop me from wondering how so many people out there were so good at not just making them but were also able to stick by them .(Wish had some if not much, PATIENCE!!! )I one year so badly failed at keeping up with my resolutions and actually thought about going to all my friends and taking notes on how they are able to manage their resolutions.But again failed miserably in that also, so no notes for future reference,and i am back to square one.

 Not to mention but making and breaking resolutions has its own fun. This used to be one of my favorite time pass, sitting down and going through the resolutions that i made last year, it used to make me laugh looking at some of them, coz they used to be so weird but still so much sincerity went into framing them!!!!

 Alas!! i will miss that fun ride this year, but in case any of you people had made it please do take that list out and ponder or act or simply laugh on them.
Happy resolutions 2011!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Just like that-2

Some beautiful words written by someone( I don't know the author, but whoever it is ,want to acknowledge him/her for the amazing work)
" People are often unreasonable, illogical and self centered ; forgive them anyways,
 If you are kind people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives; be kind anyways,
 If you are successful , you will win some false frndz and some true enemies; succeed anyways,
 If you r honest & frank,ppl may cheat you; be honest anyways,
 Wht u spend yrs building,someone might destroy overnight;build anyways,
 If you find serenity & happiness,they may be jealous; be happy anyways,
 The gud u do today, ppl will often 4get tomorrow; do gud anyways,
 Give the world the best u 've, nd it may never be enough, give the world the best nyways,
You see in final analysis, it is between you and god; it was never between you and them anyways."

I often read this ,when i am upset on someone or something seems going wrong, and it works wonders for me,Hope it does for you as well!!!!!!! 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Wish list...............

Since in a few days we will be bidding adieu to 2010, a thought came in mind, about making a wish list!!!!!   There are so many things that i always wanted to do (still want to do) but now was the time i thought i should pen them down. Ok so here i go..


 1. Trip to Seychelles  (for all those ,who find the name weird and don't know what it is, below is a sneak peak)

2. Write a book

3. Start a business of my own

4.Meet Imtiyaz Ali   (For the sake of "Socha na tha" and "Jab we met" )

5.To prepare and clear one entrance exam  (Any of the tough ones!!!!!)

6.To build a bungalow and do the interiors exactly d way i want

                   7.To learn at least one dance form    

8. To read as many books as possible

9. To gift a piece of diamond jewelery to my mum that she wants from a very long time.....

10. And now the most important one.... To get MARRIED!!! Ha Ha Ha

I hope i am able to do atleast few of them in 2011!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Almost Single"

Read a new book today, much talked about ,"Almost single" !!!!! But much to my disappointment, i didn't quite like it. This can be due to one more fact ,that the previous pick was Khalid Hosseini's "Thousand splendid suns"........ , and i must say the hangover was still there, and hence probably i can say my selection of 'which book to follow  next' went wrong.

 I agree to a comment given on the front page -"its like 'sex in the city', except the fact that the city is new delhi".The book easily gives you an option of skip reading, you can easily skip pages (not even paragraphs!!!)  and still not loose the context. Based in the backdrop of delhi , but provides no glimpse or potrait of the city (might be the author didn't want to do that, but i would ve appreciated that)
                 The language is simple and easy to read. The story line has nothing exceptional or extraordinary about it, but yes there are quite a few sections you can relate to.
If you are travelling , just lazing around , it could be a good pick, but definitely nothing more than that!!!

But yes not to overlook the fact, that its advaita's first attempt to literary writing, and for that she definitely gets some more brownie points!!!  Looking forward to some more nicer things coming from her!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just like that!!!!

Here are some lines that i wrote some time back and since had no topic in mind for the post, thought will share the same here:

 "It all may sound very routine & heard, 
But for me all this is unsaid & undone,
I never felt the way for anyone,the way i feel fr you,
You showed me a world that was totally new.

 Certain confessions, few secrets & some feelings r to be told,
You bring the warmth to me, when everything is so cold,
You bring the twinkle in my eyes,
 The truth i trust on,in this world of lies.

I wait for the time we will be together again,
When despite the blazing sun its going to rain,
I don't recall how long has been this wait,
But just a thot of you brings smile, even when nothing is goin gr8, 

Its impossible not to think of you, no matter how much i try,
 You are my friend ,well wisher a shoulder to cry,
People who find true luv are few,
 I feel lucky, i feel blessed, that i found that with you."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Bicycle days!!!!!!!

Yesterday i came across a hoarding displaying the latest plays being staged in various places in Bengaluru, one of them was named "The Bicycle days" .The first thing that striked me was my first bicycle that my papa gifted me. I still remember everything about it ,the color,the patterns,the design, all of it perfectly. It was something i treasured ,coz it was something i wanted from a long time and got only when i managed a good 86% in my exams( thts the way i got most of my gifts from my papa!!!!).

I also remember the times i was without a bicycle, and so were most of my friends, since we were kiddos and didnt knew how to ride one, so we used to rent them (Most of the kiddos on block today won't even know that such sort of arrangement ever existed, but yes its not fictitious, we actually did that). I can even recall the rate, it was some Re 1 per hour, unthinkable these days, but the fun was unmeasurable. All 6-7 of us, riding those bicycles, and roaming around ,trying to make most of that Re 1.

I wonder how kids today (most of them) don't realise the importance of little pleasures in life. They get most of the things without  even uttering the name of the it, their parents are generous enough to make sure everything new is with their kids. Ofcourse the intention is humble, all parents wants their kids to get the best in the world, but in doing this they somewhere forget the importance of small pleasures, small joys of life.

                                The time when my dad told me that he will give me a thing only when i got some specific marks in exams( i don't know what weird calculations he made ,and arrived on a certain cut off!!!!) actually was irritating that time but later i realized it actually made me perform, and i felt i deserved the gift, i had worked hard for it, so in a way he taught me to earn much early in my life.

 The rented bicycle seemed too much a hassle that time, but now if i look back ,it actually made us think as if we all were equal, no comparison of who owned what, which brand,which color, what cost, nothing, simply Re 1 for everyone.A lesson of equality.

The good old bicycle days are over, now the kids have newer gadgets, newer electronics, and what not to entertain themselves, but then parents need to think, where's the learning?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alice in Wonderland!!!!

Last evening me and anu went out for doing some tafari around our PG accomodation , as our TV was not working and we had nothing else to do (I sometimes think as if i am the most fokat soul on the face of this earth, with time for almost every other weird stuff possible). Roaming around we just went to a certain area nearby we had never earlier seen and were literally taken aback by the beautiful victorian style bungalows that we saw.

 Anu-  Angie ye kaun si jagah he???

me- Yaar its so damn beautiful na?

Anu- Ha yaar, hum kitne pagal he, hum pahle kyu nahi aaye yaha?

Me- TV hone ka disadvantage, i guess!!!

Anu- Ye to aise lagta he jaise........???

Me-"Alice in wonderland", haina (Knew she ll say yes, bt still had to confirm)

Anu- HAAAAaaaaaaaa !!!!!!

And than all that varied expressions of amazement and excitement (with all watchmen giving us looks making us feel a little embarrased!!!) increased when we found this beautiful small little "Terrace cafe". It was recently inaugurated and was owned by an uncle who was sweet enough to listen to all the gyan that we gave him, like what all things he can add to the menu ( Being an MBA and that too from Indore,giving business proposals related to food is a fundamental right) to the taste of coffee we had.

It was really as if we had gone into the story of Alice in wonderland ,enjoying our coffee the way alice enjoyed her tea with the rabbits (Ofcourse the rabbits were absent in our case), it was a perfect unwinding act we could have done.

                   Sometimes its really refreshing to be just away from your regular entertainment devices, your TV, your laptop, your ipod, and do something crazy ,something kiddish ,something that makes you smile, just like that!!!!!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Trying to figure out!!!!!

Most of the people who read this blog are quite aware about my profession, and those who are not might have known after reading the earlier posts that i am a recruitment consultant (hey guys!!! don't get bored by the mention of that thing again & again, the post is about something else).

During the course of my training i was suppose to interact with lots of industry people, carrying out some kinda research on companies  and all. I made many friends doing all that, some who were searching for jobs, some who were interested in knowing current trends in industry, some wanted jobs for there friends ,relatives etc.

This post is dedicated to one such person i met during that time( need to give him a pseudo name, since "X" got used up last time, lets keep it "Y", i have a maths background afterall.!!!!). So continuing the story, now u will think why to write specially about him, if there are so many of them, the reason to this is that probably he is one of the most unpredictable personalities i ve ever met in my life, and the kind of acquaintanceship that i share with him is totally different from anything i have had earlier.

"Y" helped me out in doing research on the company he was working in, and he helped me with all possible info, and that too besides the fact that he was nowhere looking for a job, had never met me, never talked to me, didn't knew me at all. The simple reason that he gave me was, that, "i know how it is when you are in your training periods and all, i have also gone through that." and i was like: hmmm!!!!!! impressive.:)

Later on we used to chat casually ,and one thing that i found different in him was that unlike the others, who keep on eulogizing stuff about gals they talk to, he used to actually critisize me( i know he is not gonna agree to this point!!!!), but it used to make me feel as if i am with some of my old school buddies, who ll  find wrong things about you so correctly, all for your good of course. "Y" as i said has always been a confusing personality for me, he was sometimes rude,sometimes helpful,sometimes came across as a thorough professional and sometimes very immature (Who says, girls are difficult to understand!!!!). But then no denying the fact that he helped me genuinely and every possible time that i had asked him to(but not expected to), and all this sitting some distant country, far from India :)

So crux of all is that there are strange people and stranger ways of meeting them.You never know who out of the blue gonna come and help you out of your problem ( Sounds as if there are shaktimaans' roaming around the world.;) )I don't know if i can call "Y" a friend, or its a bit early for that,whatever, one thing is for sure, it has been great knowing a person like him ,coz i always thought whether i understand anything else about him or not, at least i know, he is one of those "friend in deed , friend indeed" types.

Hope to meet many more such interesting personalities in my professional life ahead!!!!

PS: Hope there are less criticisms coming from "Y" this time. ;)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


It is so common with most of us to make presumptions about things, events and people, based on our experiences, peer talks and info from other mediums. We tend to be judgmental about how a particular person would react in a situation , how  a thing would shape up in near future and lots of similar stuff. Being a recruitment consultant i usually chat around with people all round the day, they are all telephonic conversations that means i don't get to see the person i am interacting with. But at times i do get to see and meet some of them, and those are the times i ve seen my presumptions turning to be awfully wrong, so sometimes they come as a pleasant surprise and at times total shock.

                                      Today also i met a guy i had been interacting from last one month (will refer to him as 'X'), X was a Noida based candidate ,so the official meeting could take place only when he came down to Bangalore. From last one month while talking to him , there were these mental pictures i had made of him (Embarrassed to say this, but most of it was bad, and that too big time), but but but, i am glad he proved me wrong in all sense. Me and one of my colleague ,both of us were quite taken aback by the way he presented himself (Please don't get me wrong, this post is not about my newest crush or something!!!! ). He actually made me wonder about how poor our judgments at times can get.And its not just about people we have not met, even for people we don't care to know much about, and intentionally create a wall between, and possibly blocking the way to a potentially fruitful relationship.

Its still a long way for me before my premonitions can prove to be right, humans are at the end of the day the most complex of all species, and till that time, i guess i would love to undergo lot more pleasant surprises like today.

  P S : Special thanks to "X " for being my subject of the blog post and of course for coming across as a pleasant surprise :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Worth the wait

Was home on Diwali, after a wait of 5 months. Hmmmmmmmmm , just can't put in words the kind of feeling i had. The excitement of goin home ,meeting friends, doing masti with cousins, talking with ma & papa, simply amazing. I have never been this far from my home nytime, so the kind of experiences i had on this diwali were definitely special and deserved to be mentioned here.
Its certainly true that u realize the worth of people when u are away from them, so did i. These 5 months apart from other things actually made me realize who all are the special ppl in my life. About family ofcourse u know that u mean a lot to them, but friends, they make you realize this by doin small small stuff  specially for you.
Now i will come straight to the point to testify the above said things. I was goin home after 5 months( i guess i ve mentioned it umpteen number of times, tht shows my desperation to be back home) so decided to give all my friends a call nd see hw many i manage to meet.I was not expecting much coz everyone was busy with their jobs and stuff, and had other plans as well, but to my surprise all (believe it or not) of them whom i called actually made sure that they meet me. Some of them postponed their dates, got tatkal reservations done, some managed to ask their managers  fr leaves nd be their for as less as 2 days, some of them were sick still made a point to meet, all this and more made me feel so lucky to ve them.

But along with it comes the feeling which sometimes makes me worried , these are the people who are ready to go any length for you, it makes you so much responsible towards them, towards the relationship you share with them. You always need to make sure that the way they are always there for you, you also always lend them the hand whenever its needed, the way you don't ve to think twice before asking them for a favour they should also see you as a source of constant and unending support, the way you can be urself in their presence ,they should also find your company that comfortable.

So much to do it seems , but then actually when you talk about friendship all the things above summarize it. This all happens unknowingly, you just don't need to put in any extra conscious efforts for it.Having said that, i also believe that true and real friendship is hard to find and a thing to treasure for a lifetime. I am blessed to have friends like this and hope everyone gets as lucky as i am in friendship

Below are some lines i read somewhere, and would like to dedicate to all my dear and lovely friends, just wanted to tell you all, life would have been miserable without you ppl.


Bcoz....... they smile
Bcoz....... they understand just by luking into your eyes
Bcoz....... they finish your sentences before you cud
Bcoz....... they know you better than you know urself
 Bcoz....... u r nt afraid of being urself with them
Bcoz....... whatever u do together becomes a memory
.Bcoz....... they know your deepest secrets
Bcoz....... you dont need to explain nythin, they just know
Bcoz....... they wud do nythn to get you out of trouble
Bcoz....... they make you laugh harder than nyone else
Bcoz....... you can trust them
Bcoz....... they believe in their dreams ,no matter hw silly they may seem

Bcoz....... they luv you for who you really are....................

Friday, October 15, 2010


Don't know why but suddenly felt that while writing on this blog earlier, i missed out mentioning one very important thing, my college. Yes my college IMS ,most of the ppl wudnt ve even heard its name, but for me it is a place where i met some great ppl, made some friends for lifetime and learnt a lot, in short had a blast.  So in my memory space, no doubt, IMS has a big chunk to its name, right from  appy,nids ,amu(ppl i cant imagine i cud survive without talkin to), canteen (the chai & manchurian which i must ve had  more than 10000 times), the chana chor wala bhaiya, the historical parking( testimonial to numerous luv stories & breakups as well), the library we went only to take snaps,the "sahchintan" where there was evrythin happening except fr chintan,and the variety of human species that i came across during those 2 years which added to my knowledge of OB( my HR friends would know this), these are some of the many things that i owe to IMS.

Never knew that once out of that campus i will be missing it so much, but now that i m no more able to even visit the campus when i want to, i realise that i ve started missing all those things about IMS i once used to hate. I remember cribbing all throughout, about how students in private colleges so easily get the priveliges that we needed to fight & struggle for. But realized that it made us stronger and more prepared for dealing with the outside world.

Enough of serious thoughts, coz in IMS there is one thing people dont know anything about ,"Being serious", you enjoy at any cost, if you have back to back papers, semester course getting winded up  just 2 months, 70% students getting debarred or learning 4 days in prior to the exam that the timetable has changed.We ve seen & experienced it all, still had that amazingly cool & serene smile i think is typically the characteristic of an IMSian (I think IMS should start courses like"How not to take tension, and be relaxed" )

Had just one thing to tell all the people across the globe, studying in a college:
“You have few years to be irresponsible here. Relax. Work is for people with jobs. You’ll never remember class time, but you’ll remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends. So, stay out late. Go out on a Tuesday with your friends when you have a paper due Wednesday. Spend money you don’t have. Drink ’til sunrise. The work never ends, but college does…"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lazy lamhe

"Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.  ~John Shirley"
So true and apt, as i write this post on the end of one more week, i am surrounded by some feelings i am sure all of you can relate to, feeling of dullness, sadness and the emptiness that the Sunday eve brings with it.You plan the 2 days right from the monday eve, and end up doing just 20-30% of what you intended to, but nevertheless there's always one more weekend for the rest of the tasks.

I also had similar plannings in mind for this weekend, but ofcourse my plannings never include any sort of work, and much of it is covered under the head "sleeping". But as i said i was hardly able to do 20% of it. All i did was shopping like crazy, roaming on the commercial street with my roomie (  since we just got our salary recently & had few more days before we would start running short of money) , ate all time favorite street food(  Vada Pav, Panipuri, etc etc & some more etc.) and finally funniest of all spent the Sunday roaming around bangalore in buses and doing absolutely nothing,just pure chilling out it was. But loads & tonnes of pure platonic FUN.

And ofcourse as always there were plans for next weekend, next to next weekend and a bit about the one after that also.
Don't know what and how much of it is really going to take place but one thing is for sure, i really wish all my weekends be a ditto of this one. Simply Amazing !!!!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Messing with the Mess

The word mess brings in mind just one name these days - "CWG" . I actually got so much bored reading about it that i simply stopped paying any attention to any sentence that had even the dreaded name of CWG in it, enough of embarrasement already, was in no mood of taking on some more.I know its a bit ironic , feeling that ways about CWG, and writing a post on the same. But the mess has gotten so big that i  just couldn't ignore it.

The filthy village, top players opting out and the shameless politicians still involved in the blame game is all CWG Delhi stands for in today's situation. But i would like to have a different take on it.I know situation is worst, but than there is something that happened and is actually good. The CWG exposed a very fundamental attribute of Indians, the habit of pushing things under the carpet. And this kind of global mockery will (should) ensure that we finally acknowledge our weaknesses and do not allow any such things to happen in near future (Although i am not very optimistic about India getting any such opportunity again)

They are ofcourse very euphoristic lines to quote that we learn from our mistakes and all, coz in a country like ours where there are loads of people responsible for one single thing, and passing the buck is just so easy, but than as a true indian i am always hopeful about my country and things we can do ( One more Indian attribute, "Koi nahi, is baar galti ho gayi to kya, agli baar acche se karenge).

If i can take the liberty of generalising my thoughts for the common young crowd of India, i would say, its not that important if we can host the next olympics or not, there are lot more other things to be concerned about, like making sure we are getting world class education, all good & right job opportunities and the ambience around us has all amenities required to have a good and comfortable living.Along with  these things if you could do some of activities like hosting game events etc, it would surely be great, but than govt needs to understand priority lies somewhere else.

Ending it on an optimistic note, i hope lot many youth join the politics,understand the psyche of the commonman, do stuff that could bring laurels to the country and make us forget the embarrassement that recent CWG has brought.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Working ,still not working!!!!!!

Saturdays!!!!!!! A bit relaxed day than usual at my workplace,no instructions( "10 profiles by EOD" ), no long lists of candidates to be called, and above all no daily reports to be sent (of course the last one is unofficially said and done & highly depends on the nature and mood of your boss). You get up in the morning, cursing ur job,ur land lord, ur neighbors (for reasons that are often not true), you finally manage to somehow make it to the office,though late than ur usual time. Than you open your laptop, and browse thru most important & crucial sites, the so called networking sites of course. After you have chckd all updates, comments, photos, videos and blah blah, u realize that you need to do some work as well( without letting your chat window status being idle!!!!!).In store ahead for the rest of the day is lots of masti, gossip, hungama, informal gatherings around cubicles, and a bit of more work for which you squeeze in some time in between all those amazing and fun filed moments with your colleagues.The day trails by, and its finally 6 o clock,the time when you start looking at each & every cubicle, to find out if someone's in mood of taking the initiative of packing his/her laptop and leaving. Much of wait and uncertainty is than followed by the final departure at
of course the usual time!!!!! But after coming out of that so called boring "work place", you  realize that eventually it was not that bad, you met your friends, laughed your heart out, shared some of your doubts,fears,and so, in a nutshell, had a great time. I know my colleagues gonna kill me for saying this, but i think working on Saturdays is not that bad an idea, I m loving it.

Yet another experiment of (with) life

So here i am, finally venturing into "Blog-ism". After so many friends,friends' friend and their friends trying a hand at it, i was also finally bitten by the bug. I always thought trying out new things is good, coz that makes you gain experiences and in turn helps you grow a bit wiser (Ahhhhhh!!!!!ToO MuCh A PhIlOsOpHy????), but this idea of blogging never came from that philosophy anyways, it came out from sheer thought of trying to connect with  people other than the usual faces that i see right from the time i forcibly push myself out from the bed till the time i finally manage to snuggle in my blanket.There was also this excitement associated with doing something new and something that whole world was seeming to be goin crazy doin, ofcourse for their own different reasons!!!!!
For people out their reading it, i seriously have no clue what you guys should expect from this blog, coz i have not started it with ny serious plans or thoughts in mind. All i know is that i want to share things with you people that seem to be interesting( at least to me) and invite all of you to do the same. Lets see how much fun is in store for all of us@@@@@@@@@@@@

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