Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yes it was republic day!!!!!

Ya Ya!!! I know its a lil late to write a post on republic day.Actually looking and reading so many of blogger friends dedicating the posts to "Republic day",i also was tempted to do the "in thing", but  was not sure of what to write,coz i didn't want to repeat what was being written and talked about everywhere (India is great coz blah blah blah!!!!! .And i am glad that i  waited,now i have an anecdote to tell it to all of you,which made my republic day worthwhile  (A true story guys, be ready!! Tan tanaaa!!!!)

 Republic day this time was no more special than one more off from daily work related stress, e mails, calls and ofcourse "BOSS" (He he he!!! God she will kill me if she reads this ), but anyways ,so we had some plans of going out for shopping (just cudnt resist the flat 40% /50% tags on  almost all the showrooms,Girlie thing na???? lol) we entered a place, shopped for our stuff,i came to the counter,paid the bill through my card,took the bill,the stuff and left the place, guessed it r8, without collecting my card!!!! Oooops.
                         We then came out went to few more shops nearby,were roaming here and there ,when i suddenly saw the watchman coming towards us. He told me that i had forgot my scarf in the showroom, i was puzzled to hear that,coz i was not carrying any scarf,but he somehow managed to convince us in coming back to the shop. We went there,and the cash counter person smiled seeing me,and handed me over my "CARD". I was too much shocked on my stupidity and awed by the gesture of that watchman (I was not able to get his accent ,he was not saying "scarf" but "card". Dumbo me!!!! ) and that of cash counter person. I couldn't say anything but a "thank you" and left the place.

 The entire day after that i was thinking about the incident and it made me believe in one thing ,that no matter how much corruption, crime engulf the country ,we still come across people who are genuine ,honest  and above all "everyday heroes",and India is great because of these kind of Indians.

 Salute to all Every day Heroes of India.!!!!!!!

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  1. happens ...for me i forgot my pendrive most of the time and bike key.
    nice post
    and its an last and humble request that
    kabhi hamare blog bhi aya karo
    kabhi vaha bhi comment kara karo


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