Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Aunty brigade.........

People in metros at one or the other point in their lives,would have had the experience of public transport, good , bad whatever it is. One usual thing that happens while traveling in public transport is that you get to see and observe hoards of people (that is my favorite pastime,while travelling in bangalore buses, types & kinds of people).

In some of my recent trips i noticed one particular type,  "The Aunties" . They are the types who lie in the age group of  35-65(though would never admit & behave to their actual age) and also have an opinion on almost everything under the sun. There were some really interesting incidences that happened recently:

 1. Once me & dips were going somewhere, that day the bus was crowded ,so we were standing just in front of two "Aunties", and the conversation that i heard was truely hillarious

Auntie X-" I dont know how girls these days, carry such tight 2 clothes." and while giving that remark she actually pointed out finger to me and dips , both of us dressed in a skin fit denim and regular tees. I seriously didnt knew how to react, and all i could do was give aunty a smile ( poor me......)

Aunty Y : Gave a big nod !!

Aunty X : I told pinky/chinky/ or something similar sounding name, that she is never suppose to wear any such stuff ( Me- still giving a smile, although a lil weird one this time)

 Finally we got down the bus, the auntys though still continuing the same topic.

2. The most common of all, whenever u are getting up on a bus, suddenly a mob of aunties will come ,step on your feet, push you back,without feeling the need of saying sorry, and will occupy all the vacant seats and also make few of the men stand up,give them the respect (or i shud say forcefully taken), and let aunties sit on their seats.

3. Some of them would suddenly start bombarding  you with all personal question
    Where do u belong to?
    What are you doing in bangalore?
    Where do u stay?
    What your parents do?

As if she ll get her son married to me ..... lolz

There is one more , not related to any public transport incidence but still worth mentioning.....

4. Me and my cousin went to a mall, were trying some stuff there, suddenly an aunty pops out of somewhere and starts telling me how the stuff i was trying was not looking gud on me and finally when on the counter, i saw her with the same stuff that she did not let me take... (come on aunty log, stop playing these ekta kapoor tricks in real life)

Though irritating at times, they still top my list of pastimes.....


  1. that was funny
    i also heard lot of this time pass gossip
    during my daily travel to Indore but i heard this from uncles...stuff is different but ya what i heard daily was also funny
    will post some of them at blog

  2. Though this is strange...but i liked the incidents. Looks really like Ekta Kapoor type. :-)

  3. Hahaha...these aunties are surely funny and make for good story material :)


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